Cultured Marble looks very much like natural marble, imitating its surface patterns and colors, but up to four time tinsile strenght and unlike natural marble, will not stain easily. Natural marble is very porous and also is primarily used inflat applications whereas Cultured Marble can be formed into virtually any shape or size depending on the form and shape of the mold.

Цветова Гама
hite ColorTahiti White ColorNight Sky ColorBone ColorBisque  Color)Wild Indigo ColorArctic Granite ColorGray Granite ColorBermuda Sand ColorAlmond Galaxy ColorTahiti Desert ColorTahiti Sand ColorTahiti Rose ColorTahiti Gray ColorTahiti Terra ColorTahiti Blue ColorTahiti Evergeen ColorTahiti Matrix ColorTahiti Ivory ColorIronweed  ColorCornflower ColorPurple Sage ColorIndian Grass ColorPebble ColorSeafoam ColorBarley ColorSierra ColorGreen Pasture ColorGlacier ColorPrairie ColorAcorn ColorCanyon ColorCloud White ColorCloud Bone ColorBaby Breath ColorCaraway Seed Color